Solutions for Brands & Athletes

“The true sign of intelligence
is not knowledge, but imagination.”
Albert Einstein

Data-driven Marketing

Meet your goals with actionable data

We provide performance & data-driven strategies for social media, content and personal branding. We shine when communicating brand identity through digital channels for brands and athletes.

Content Creation

Engage and grow your audience

We help our clients develop storylines and create engaging content. By providing our athletes & brands with the data, and we keep their audiences growing & thriving.

Personal Branding

Align your online and offline identity

Athletes and brands need their own digital platforms. Whatever that turns out to be – an athlete website, a foundation or brand e-commerce site, we can execute it to perfection.

Why Us

How we do it

Personalized Strategies

A small athlete & brand roster

We work with a small number of athletes and brands. Why? We believe in unique stories and aligning our strategies to best represent these stories. Whether brand or athlete – Numinal’s services will be 100% personalized to your goals, identities and stories.

Who we work with

Knowing our Clients

We work with rookies, rising stars, top 5 athletes and retired athletes. And brands that are connected to sports – whether as a brand or sponsor. Focusing on our audience exclusively is our biggest strength. Contact us to learn more about our mindset and how we can support you.

Actionable Data

Strategic insights

Every agency is “data-driven’ these days. The difference with Numinal? Every datapoint we provide you with will be actionable and give you insights into how you can accomplish your goal. Whichever stage you are at as an athlete or brand.

About Us

Who we are

At Numinal we provide complete, data-informed marketing solutions for a small number of world-class athletes and brands.
We analyze audiences, engagement data, sponsorship values, performance and alignment of media channels.

Customized strategies for an exclusive client roster

Our expertise in digital data analysis allows us to understand every moment of the fan journey, allowing us to provide actionable insights for the brands and athletes we work with.

At Numinal, our objective is to deliver laser-focused, customized marketing solutions based on deep data analysis. With the data framework we create for each of our clients we maximize performance across all channels, including social media, TV, advertising, PR and SEO.

We support athletes, brand or agents when evaluating and negotiating deals by providing critical datapoints. But we won’t just help you with the analysis of data, we will also help you articulate the value of each single datapoint.

Some of

Our clients