What We

We do:

Athlete Marketing

Media Planning for Athletes

Understanding how different media channels can support each other is critical, especially in sports. Creating alignment between TV, social media, PR, advertising and other channels allows us to amplify messages and target the right audience.

Social Media for Athletes

Connecting with a community of fans, increasing visibility, amplifying the reach of your content and creating value for sponsors. All that can be achieved with a smart social media strategy that aligns with all other channels.

Personal Branding / Identity for Athletes

Align your online and offline identity. We will guide you in developing brand positioning, visual identity and content that reflects with your values. Understand your unique positioning to engage the right audience.


Data-driven Marketing

Analytics for Sponsor Activation

In order to negotiate maximum deals with Sponsors you need the right data. At Numinal we’ve developed reporting that will help you gain a stronger position when negotiating with brand sponsors.
Depending on your needs we can customize reports including Nielsen Brand Index, Meltwater Mentions, Q-Rating, MVP Index and many more.

Actionable marketing & audience data

The best media and marketing strategies are backed by data and analytics. Our team specializes in analyzing and targeting your key audience. Want to create a real tribe and understand what this audience responds to?

Focus on KPI’s, not vanity metrics

Vanity metrics are often used to hide insufficient performance. We will never report on them. Our reporting will focus on KPI’s and goals we establish together. We focus on data points that are critical for reaching your goals.


Brand Acceleration

Brand positioning

Brand positioning is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate the growth of a business by using marketing channels and tactics to create demand for a product, service, or idea.

NFT Creation & Strategy

We develop NFTs that stand out and drive long-term value for you, your fans, and your sponsors. Our team covers all aspects – from strategy to launch and community engagement.

Outperform competition

Marketing revolves around the idea that your brand has value to a consumer.
The more value you provide, the more likely you are to win the business of a consumer and outperform your competitors.